Drive In racks

Shelves stands of the Drive-in system. What are they used for?

Shelves stands of the Drive-in system (they may be roll-in, drive-in or deep-in) are one of the options of storing huge amounts of one-type baggage unless quick access to any single item in the palette is the case. These frameworks allow load 30-40% products more than ordinary palette stands can receive; the square employed being the same. Very often, roll-in shelves stands are used for long-term storage of one-type products in premises with low temperatures.

Deep-in shelves stands are firm spacious shelving units with high carrying capacity, comprised of vertical steel frames, supporting directing rails and joining elements. All the assembly parts have enameled, powder-and-polymeric or zinc-coated covering. Specifications of the assembly parts coincide with predictable baggage load.

All the frames and directing rails are made of hot-rolled carbon steel by means of complex various size profile formation; the profile, undergoing cold rolling processing, will obtain numerous lengthwise bands performing the function of stiffness ribs. Drive-in shelves stands are characterized by high level of hoisting capacity and contain stroke-proof elements protecting them from a strike with a loader.

Bottom plates are installed into deep-in shelves stands in the course of installation into a number of storeys up and inside. Roll-in shelves stands are assembled in blocks, with minimum number of corridors between the blocks to use the storehouse area as effectively as possible. The most perfect configuration of the drive-in shelves stands is the scheme when there is a corresponding shelves stand aisle for any product type. Loading and unloading of the Drive-in system rows as a rule follows the principle of ‘the last uploaded is the first unloaded’.

Loading machine fills in the last row of stands first, moving gradually to the first row. Again, you can get access to the last row only having unloaded all the previous rows. Imagine you are putting books into a carton box – you cannot take out the book, which is on the very bottom without prior taking out all the foregoing books. Drive-in shelves stands follow approximately the same principle. That is why one of the essential conditions of employing these units is their package with homogeneous products. Deep-in shelves stands are characterized by quite strong carrying capacity and allow use the space maximum effectively.

Order a shelves stands of the Drive-in system

Among important requirements towards operation of this kind of storage equipment are the long life of goods, homogeneous products that do not need sorting out, and available euro-bottom plates. The configuration of shelves stands of the Drive-in system may be specially designed to fit a storehouse. In case of storehouse re-design, these units are easily assembled and dismantled as many times as necessary.

The term of shelvess stands manufacture and mounting depends on size and configuration of the unit.