Pallet racks

Palette shelves stands. What they are used for?

Palette loading is installation and fixation of baggage of different types onto standard bottom plate. It is a very practical and convenient way of storing, especially in case of wide assortment of products and necessity of frequent instant baggage processing. This method enables to unify the stored goods of various sorts to some conventional packaging unit, which in its turn simplifies the process of intensive baggage processing and ensures applying identical technology and machinery for loading and unloading works for absolutely different types of products.

The products are kept on special palette shelves disposable to visual observation and control over the available goods, and to direct access of employees to the storehouse and storehouse machinery to every single bottom plate.

Palette shelves stands are firm spacious units with high level of carrying capacity, comprising of vertical steel frames, fortified with slant supporters, and horizontal cross-arms, i.e. beams onto which bottom plates get installed. The frames and cross-arms have enameled powder-and-polymeric covering, slant supporters are made of zinc-coated steel and p-shape profile. Specifications of these assembly elements coincide with predictable baggage load. All the frames are made of hot-rolled carbon steel by means of complex various size profile formation; the profile, undergoing cold rolling processing, will obtain numerous lengthwise bands performing the function of stiffness ribs. Cross-arms are produced by the same technology and obtain the profile of a rectangular pipe. Such unit, when assembled, is able to withstand very heavy loading, up to twenty tons per section.

Shelves stands may be organized row-like with an arbitrary number of sections and storeys. The greater the amount of technical holes along vertical frames, the greater the availability of setting cross-arms on different heights, by means of gear hooks. Altogether it makes a reliable mounting-dismantling assembly unit with the product-required height of shelf. After they are properly designed at the desired height, cross-arms get firmly fixed with special steel holders; any accidental and undesirable cross-arms disconnection from the carrying frame is impossible. shelves stands get steady fastened to the floor and may be accomplished with protective elements to exclude any accidental contacts with storehouse machinery.

Order palette shelves stands for reasonable price

Palette shelves stands are easy to mount and dismantle step-by-step, depending on customer’s needs and potential; sections and storeys may be easily added to or removed from the unit, without causing any operation shortage or obstacles. The same is with a defected or worn-out part. If necessary, simple re-design of the storehouse may be accomplished. Palette shelves stands can be assembled, re-assembled, dismantled, re-designed multiple times without fear of loss in their technical characteristics. Actually, it is a big metal construction set.

The term of shelves stands manufacture and mounting depends on size and configuration of the unit.