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Mobile shelves stands. What they are used for?

Mobile shelves stands may be used in any types of storehouses, at factories, in archive and bank premises, libraries, offices. They are especially essential when the storehouse area is not large or when the storing area is impossible to get extended. Mobile shelves stand system allows to economize storehouse’s useful area and provide with maximum compact storage, with free access to shelves or bottom plates, for the storehouse products to be processed.

Mobile shelves stands consist of movable basis, onto which the stands get adjusted. Most frequently, these are shelves systems, but palette or console mobile shelves stand systems are also admittable.

The principle of mobile shelves stands operation is rather easy and convenient: the mechanism of section shift along the rails levels is put in action by means of a rotary handle, making the section move together, or pushing them apart, providing thus both the access to shelves and significant effectiveness of storehouse areas employment. When designed and organized properly, effectiveness of storehouse areas employment may reach 70-90 percent of the total area.

The assembly unit possesses a steel frame, the system is supplied with turnover-proof element and locking mechanism. The design and dimension sizes of mobile shelves stands may vary from standard, typical systems to completely individual ones with preset toughness and hoisting capacity options. All the assembly parts have enameled powder-and-polymeric or zinc-coated covering. Specifications of all the assembly parts may vary and coincide directly with predictable baggage load.

 Order mobile shelves stands for good price

When planning to provide a storehouse with mobile shelves stands, it should be taken into consideration that these systems are characterized by relatively high standards concerning the quality and smooth level of the floor. If necessary, specially elaborated hollow floors may be applied when installing mobile shelves stands to eliminate the defects of the storehouse’s uneven floor. This extra expenditure gets quickly compensated by the economy of premise’s space and thus rental payments, with its utmost effective employment.

The term of shelves stands manufacture and mounting depends on size and configuration of the unit, and also on the floor condition. From technical point of view, mobile shelves stand is a complicated system with huge-size shelves stands, containing more assembly parts than standard shelves stands, and therefore requiring a bit longer to mount the unit.