Multi-storeyed shelves units. What they are used for?

The mezzanine system (Multi-storeyed shelves units), or just mezzanine, is an engineering complicated surface multilayer shelving unit, designed for storing a wide nomenclature range of products on the shelves and bottom plates. If you have a storehouse with high ceiling (in the engineering respect) at your disposal, mezzanine shelves stands will enable you to several times enlarge the storing area, preserving at the same time maximum possible access to the goods on all the unit storeys.

Mezzanine shelves stands may be of absolutely different design, depending on their application, hoisting capacity and characteristics of their constituent elements.

Multi-storeyed shelves unit systems are designed and assembled on the basis of standard shelves unit structure, applying such specific elements of the mezzanine as steel supporting columns, inter-storey flooring of corrugated/perforated steel covering, or net (grid), span staircase, protective hedgerow, hedgerow, handrails, etc. Specifications to every element of the unit directly coincide with predictable baggage load and operational conditions; the unit must be assembled firmly and toughly. An impressive variety of assembly parts enables to design individual storing systems to meet certain requirements of a customer. This assembly set may be constructed in different variations.

For instance, baggage may be loaded onto upper mezzanine storeys manually or by means of the built-in staircase, without help of storehouse machinery; or it may be loaded by means of special lifts of different configuration and hoisting capacity, as an integral part of the mezzanine system – that all depending on the customer’s requirements and characteristics of the storing units.

Order the mezzanine system for reasonable price

Employment of lifts increases speed and effectiveness of baggage processing. Conveyer belts and fire systems may also be installed. Mezzanines are possible to re-design, extend and re-plan. If necessary, the assembly unit may be dismantled and re-assembled or assembled in some other place.

The term of manufacture and assembly of the shelves stands depends on the size and configuration of the unit. But it should be taken into consideration that design, estimation and mounting of multi-storeyed shelves units take longer time than those of other storing systems. Besides, heavy weight of mezzanine itself puts forward more strict requirements as to firmness of the storehouse floor.