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Console shelves stands. What they are used for?

Console shelves stands are used for storage of long-term and large-dimension cargoes, such as pipes, U-bars, metal rolling, beams, long boxes and packages, slabs, boards, rails, lining, rolls and various profiles. By means of supplementary parts, they may serve for storage of tyres, coils, cable coils and other flexible items. shelves stands of this type may be predetermined for two-side (detached) one one-side (against the wall) use; the both manufacture options provide loading machinery with front-side access to the storing items.

Console shelves stands are specifically assembled firm steel mounting-and-dismantling set with high degree of hoisting capacity consisting of vertical carrying  frameworks, consoles for baggage loading and connecting elements. All the assembly parts have have enameled powder-and-polymeric or zinc-coated covering. Consoles may have different protectors, wooden, plastic or rubber caps.

They may also be supplied with grids or metal/Particle board shelves. Specifications may vary and coincide directly with predictable baggage load. shelves stands may be supplied with protective elements to exclude any accidental contacts with storehouse machinery.

Shelves stands are row-like arranged, with the set number of sections and storeys which may be assembled at any height with any space step. All the sections are firmly adjoined with each other and to the floor; one-side sections are also adjoined to the wall. Console shelves stands configuration may alter, get dismantled and re-assembled multiple times due to storage needs, preserving its operational and aesthetic characteristics. Assembly and dismantling of such systems can be done in no time, permitting the storehouse work in its usual mode.

Order a console shelves stands for reasonable price

Due to their specific construction, console shelves stands allow visual observation and control over the stored products; provide easy access to them as well as regulation of sections height and number of aisles. They may be both of external and internal use. As a rule, the loading and unloading of these systems are done by means of special storehouse machinery.

The term of shelves stands manufacture and mounting depends on size and configuration of the unit.