Shelf standing units. What they are used for?

Shelf standing units are used for storage the products that do not require bottom plates, such as small-dimensional powders or aerated water in boxes and packs, various tiny products in containers, or non-packed products, as well as other small-dimensional and light products. There are special modifications of these systems predetermined for storage any type of baggage, e.g. tyres.

Light and easy assembly construction provides shelf standing units with wide spectrum of application in various conditions, from storehouse system to office furniture, goods for car repair shops, shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, farms and laboratories. When applied in industries, these shelve stands permit convenient storage of hardware, expenditure materials, spare parts. Besides, shelf standing units are widely used in everyday life – in garages, farmhouses and pantries.

Shelf standing units servicing in most cases does not demand storehouse machinery, and the item as a rule get loaded, unloaded, ordered and re-located manually. Shelf standing units are easy to assemble, re-assemble and dismantle as many times as required, preserving their technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Their design permits shelf standing units to dismantle gradually but without storehouse’ working delay, depending on customer’s requirements and resources, and to add to a unit or take away extra sections and storeys, or to substitute a damaged or worn-out element. Simple and joining easy system allows to modify the shelves quickly while operation process and is specially designed for shelving unit assembly with consideration of its application. Shelf standing units construction consists of an assembly-oriented frame (stand) and lengthwise beams (cross-arms), onto which Particle board, metal (all-in-one or integrated deck) or plywood shelves are adjusted.

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Cross-arms are adjusted to the stands by means of hitch system. Specification of these elements directly coincide with the predictable baggage load. These shelve stands provide with rational storage and simple visual control and access.

Shelves stands may be organized in rows with the number of sections and storeys you like, making thus a steady reliable structure with the desired height of shelves predetermined to a certain assortment of products. We can manufacture non-standard systems on customer’s order and requirement.

The term of shelve stands manufacture and mounting depends on size and configuration of the unit.