Order stackers for transportation

Majority of modern storehouse shelves stands are designed for cargo storage on palettes (palette plates). Stackers are designed to uplift, down lift and packing palettes by means of mobile forks; baggage transportation on short distances is their secondary function. This machinery is perfectly adjusted to work in the limited space of narrow inter-stand aisles. Stackers allow to employ multi-storeyed storehouse area at its most. Stackers are manually driven hydraulic, electrically driven stackers and self-propelled electrically driven stackers. The forks may be of various length, and expandable.

Manually driven hydraulic stackers are used in small storehouses and shopping halls where shelves stands are short and loading-unloading works are not intensive. This equipment does not require other sources of power than operator’s muscular force, is easy to use and service and relatively cheap. Manually driven hydraulic stackers may be supplied with handle- or foot-operated gear to lift the baggage, and a special gear for gentle lowering the baggage. Relatively light weight permits these lifts to be shift manually.

Electrically driven stackers are also shifted manually, but forks should be lifted by means of electric gear feeding from a battery. These stackers are excellent in conditions when you need to lift the baggage up and down intensively but you do not need to transit them on far distances. Electrically driven stackers are much quicker in operation than manually driven ones. They are characterized by greater hoisting capacity as well as height capacity.

Types of stackers

Self-propelled electrically driven stackers are used in storehouses, factories and shopping halls with great working intensity. This machinery is mobile, lifts the baggage up and down by means of electric gear, is equipped with brakes systems and devices to prevent from overturning. Lifting arrow may move forwards and backwards at some of the models. Self-propelled electrically driven stackers are put in action by means of buttons and levers on the control panel, or are provided with a cabin for an operator. In fact, electrically driven stackers may perform the same functions as electrically driven forklifts, but they have greater maneuver capability, lifting height and – at the same time – much cheaper.

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