Lifts and loaders for use in storehouses, industries and car repair shops

Perfect operation of a modern storehouse, industry or car repair shop nowadays is conditioned not only employees’ by physical work and standard storehouse machinery like loaders, roclas or stackers. Dimensional and/or weight characteristics of the storing items, and peculiarities of a storehouse and its assembly units presume application of special stationary hoisting machinery. Besides, re-loading system allow to speed significantly the process of baggage processing in the storehouse.

Some of the high-rise shelves systems like mezzanine also require additional re-loading equipment – lifts and loaders, to effectively perform loading and unloading works. If you chose upper mezzanine storeys for storing dimensional and heavy products , loading and unloading them by means of lifts the, the decision is not just convenient, but reasonable from the point of view of the economy of time and human resources. Imagine how long it may take and how many employees engage to upload, say, two hundred and fifty-five sacks of cement, half-a-hundredweight each, onto the second or third storey of a multi-storeyed stand using built-in staircase?

A special lift will perform such an operation much more effectively, quicker and safer. Employees will be free and available for other tasks; the probability of a sack (or some other, far more fragile product) to fall onto someone’s head equals null. Lifts do not demand any overwork benefits, neither do they need a sick leave, or drink or smoke during working time.

Storehouse lifts are also essential when, due to the storehouse peculiar characteristics, other equipment is impossible to employ, when loaders’ and stackers’ maneuvering is unavailable in small storehouses , or when the baggage should uploaded and downloaded at one and the same place of the storehouse. It is much cheaper and more reasonable to fix a stationary lift there than to drive a loader, especially an electrically-drive one. Majority of kinds of lifts may be employed both internally and externally.

Order hydraulic electrically driven lifts for good price

Our company offers a wide assortment of hydraulic electrically driven lifts to be used in storehouses, industries and car repair shops:

 - lifting tables – scissors

 - telescope mast lifts

 - mine lifts

 - cargo lifts

 - car lifts for car repair shops

 - working platforms (buckets, baskets)

 - service lifts

 - mobile footlights

 - leveling platforms

 - console lifts

Alongside with standard systems, lifts may be designed individually on customers’ demand. We provide all the equipment with warranty term and post-warranty service.