Hydraulic pallet truck

Hydraulic forklift truck (rocla). What is it used for?

Rocla (named after a Finnish company, the developer and manufacturer of 1990s popular storehouse trucks), or hydraulic forklift truck, is a mechanisms predetermined for manual transportation of palette-packaged bulks. Roclas are equipped with hydraulic lifting jack shuffling the fork within the vertical plane. Their primary application is for stores with small and medium bulk amount. But these trucks may also be used in spacious storehouses or storing complexes due to their easy maneuver ability, mobility and reliability. Manual forklift trucks are widely used alongside with stackers and loaders.

Rocla is the most widely use type of storehouse machinery. You will see it in any storehouse. Hydraulic forklift trucks may have different characteristics, their choice depends on operational specification. For example, to maneuver within a closed space like a heavy goods vehicle’s body or railway carriage, rocla may have shortened forks; and vice versa, when it is necessary to grasp two bottom plates simultaneously and the maneuver area is allows it, the forks may be lengthen. Forklift truck’s wheels and rollers may be single or double and made of different material, it depends on surface flooring of predictably operational premises.

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Thus, for performance on uneven floor, roclas with steels rubber-coated wheels are used, for performance on smooth floor – trucks with polyamide rollers and wheels are ideal; polyurethane rollers are universal and the most long-lasting. Besides, for performance on inclined floors, hydraulic trucks may be supplied with manually handles brake. Rocla’s hoisting capacity may range from 1 to 3.5 tons.

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